Winter Activities
Cold, but awesome!
Indoors and Out
Sure winter is cold.  But at Camp of the Woods we don't let that stop our fun!  There are so many things still to do both inside and out.  Here are just some of the activities you might experience at a winter camp!
  1. Ice Skating
    Ice Skating
    Depending on the weather a lake rink is a lot of fun!
  2. Broom Hockey
    Broom Hockey
    Anyone can play broom hockey, especially when you just have to boot skate!
  3. Gym Games
    Gym Games
    There are all kinds of fun games to play in the warm gym.
  4. Sleigh Rides
    Sleigh Rides
    A quick trip around the ballfield stirs up the snow and makes for great fun.
  5. Snow Shoeing
    Snow Shoeing
    There are several trails you can walk or just strike out on the lake.
  6. Thrill Hill
    Thrill Hill
    Are you ready for our sliding hill? Give the tubes a try or maybe the crazy carpets. Can you make it all the way to the lake?