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Summer 2014: Deep Sea Discovery

by Camp Staff on 03/29/14

The ocean has always captivated man, with its unexplored depths and its hidden mysteries.  The sea has fascinated us with its ability to be both bountiful and teeming with life, but also powerful and dangerously ferocious.  It surrounds us and is essential for life on earth.

Do you know what else is beautiful, mysterious, powerful, and life-giving?  God's love for us!  Come explore the depths of Troutfly Lake and God's Word at Camp of the Woods this summer with Deep Sea Discovery.

This will be an incredible summer for those who embark upon the journey!  On the water you will test your skills against the mighty waves by swimming or canoeing.  While dry-docked, you will enjoy hiking, rock-climbing, crafts, team games and much more!  While you're out whetting your appetite, the SS.COTW crew will be busy preparing the scrumptious meals you've come to know and love.

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